October Run


The first novel in the Phred Rivers series…

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October Run Cover

October Run Cover

OCTOBER RUN is a page-turner of a story featuring Phred Rivers, a disenchanted business psychologist who decides against her better judgement to help a woman and infant who are on the run.The story accelerates when Phred takes off from her hometown of New Haven, Connecticut, bound for Savannah. A stowaway in the person of a neighborhood teenager quickly complicates the plans. A private investigator hunting down the runaway, Eserine, threatens all. Will they make it to Savannah?

“Lyrically written” and “page turner” Aren’t adjectives that are often used together to describe a single novel, but October Run is both. Betsy Fitzgerald had better have a sequel in the works, because I want to follow Phred on more adventures. –Charlotte Libov, award-winning journalist and author

Meet Betsy at www.betsyfitzgerald.com.

OCTOBER RUN is the first published novel of Betsy Fitzgerald, a former journalist who has not yet given up her day job as the communications VP for a regional non-profit organization. A second Phred Rivers novel is in the works for 2010.

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